Blaine's Bed and Breakfast

A B&B and more....

Blaines A B&B and more .....

Blaines: A B&B and more ..... offers you a very personal service for your stay in Amsterdam. Blaine is there to help you out with everything you need to get the most out of your stay in Amsterdam.

Bed and Breakfast

The Bed and Breakfast is designed as the original concept of a B&B that started far before AirBnB or any of the new concepts that came up due to the advancement of our smart phones.  The B&B consists of two rooms with-in the home of the owner, Blaine, who wakes up in the morning to prepare an extensive breakfast that varies throughout your stay. Blaine resides in the house, however you do have keys to the property and can come and go as you like.  This gives you privacy and at the same time offers you the chance to `ask any questions to make your stay in Amsterdam more enjoyable.

Last-Minute Availability / Rates

Dinner At Blaine's

After a brief rest this summer and cooking outdoors on the Roof Terrace , or having guests sample an Indonesian Rijstafel here at the B&B...a simple decision was made ... Dinner at Blaine's. 

Dinner and Bed

Blaine will offer dinners in the B&B for guests upon request. This will be in addition to the Breakfast that is already offered to regular guests. Sometimes guests arrive later and would like dinner at home as opposed to going out to find something right off. It was also designed for those who are on lengthy trips and get a bit tired of eating out every night.  Please mention that you might be interested in this before hand, of course this can also be arranged while here, so that a simple menu can be planned.  The charge is 20 euro's including drinks.  And 15 if you want to being your own drinks.

The Rooms

All rooms have their own special appeal to make each one unique and as comfortable as possible. As these are extensions of the house they have their own collection of items that are special, at the same time connecting the house with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

One - Night Stays.....

In general we do not accept one night stays during the weekends (Friday or Saturday Night.) 

This weekend one night stays available.

Rates and Conditions

  • Rates start at € 75, excluding 6.0% tourist tax.
  • Maximum 4 persons in the B&B at one time. 

The Location

Blaine's B&B is located at the Schinkel Canal, a 1930's quiet residential neighborhood in the southern section of Amsterdam, adjacent to the old canal area. By tram 8 min. to Museum & Leidse square.


Please email us for information or reservations