Blaine's Bed and Breakfast

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Blaine’s Takeaway April 2021

  • Pick-up Address:  Rijnsburgstraat 24 - 3, Amsterdam 
  • Order by 19:00
  • Meals are Made-to-Order
  • Allow 1 Hour Before Pick-Up
  • Menu Changes Monthly


  • WhatsApp: 31-628771289 
  • Instagram blaine_van_amsterdam


  • SPICY PUMPKIN SOUP ….. Spicy pumpkin and coconut soup served over rice and spinach, topped with toasted coconut and fried onions (GF)
  • GREEK SALAD…..A fresh salad of romaine lettuce, olives, pepperoni peppers, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese (cbGF)
  • CHICKEN MANGO SALAD ..... a fresh salad of baked-smoked chicken, fresh mango, coriander and mint salad with a chill-ginger dressing (GF)
  • "FIRE" SHRIMP.....spicy garlic shrimp with basil mashed potatoes, sambal sauce and garlic croutons (cbGF)

As a STARTER €6,00  /  As a MAIN €10,00


  • SWEET & SPICY BROTH ….. Ginger, red chilli. sesame spiced broth with shiitake mushrooms, tofu, ramen, pak choi, bean sprouts, samphire and bean sprouts (Vegan)
  • MISO SALMON “DONBURI” ..... Pan-seared miso salmon served over rice and stir-fried Asian vegetables with a soy-ginger sauce 
  • BEEF STOVERIJ  ..... Slowly-braised beef stewed in beer served with roasted potatoes, vegetables and poached pear
  • ASPARAGUS FLAMANDE ,,,,,  Dutch white asparagus, spring potatoes, boiled ham / smoked salmon, served with boiled egg, ham and butter (GF) 
  • ASIAN “RIJSTAFEL” for TWO ….. Chicken Tikka Masala, Beef Rendang, Sweet Potatoes, Soy-Ginger Vegetables, Loempia, Steamed Rice, Mango Chutney, Sour Cream and Fresh Coriander….25€

As a MAIN €10,00 

  • LASAGNA BOLOGNESE….. a homemade lasgna of bolognese 
  • “BAKJES” AVAILABLE …. Pumpkin Soup, Dutch Pea Soup, Sweet and Spicy Broth, Tikka Masala, Beef Rendang, Beef Stoverij. Bolognese Sauce 

** Bakjes 1000 grms €10/€15,00


Remember the good ole days of “Speakeasies”? …kinda doubt it, but with Covid regulations these dinners with Family or Close Friends might be the answer to those nights alone.  Ask for more details. Roof Terrace Dinning available weather permitted.

Information and reservations

Please email us for more information and reservations.