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Blaine’s Takeaway August 23 - September 3, 2020

  • Pick-up Address:  Rijnsburgstraat 24 - 3, Amsterdam 
  • Order by 19:00
  • Meals are Made-to-Order
  • Allow 1 Hour Before Pick-Up
  • Menu Changes Weekly


  • WhatsApp: 31-628771289 
  • Instagram blaine_van_amsterdam

Blaine’s Takeaway 20 - 26 September, 2020


  • ROASTED FIGS ..... Roasted figs with goat’s cheese, Serrano ham, honey, walnuts and mint
  • SPICY PUMPKIN SOUP ….. Spicy pumpkin and coconut soup served over rice an spinach, topped with toasted coconut and fried onions
  • BLACKBERRY BEET SALAD ..... A fresh salad of blackberries, beets, Manchego Cheese, pecans, salad greens and a blackberry Balsamic dressing 
  • ROASTED PEAR & BLUE CHEESE ….. An autumn salad with a honey-roasted pear, blue cheese, walnuts and a honey-thyme dressing 

As a STARTER €6,00  /  As a MAIN €10,00


  • MISO SALMON “DONBURI” ..... Pan-seared miso salmon served over rice and stir-fried Asian vegetables with a soy-ginger sauce
  • CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA **  ….. Marinated and slowly stewed Indian spiced chicken with rice, cream fraiche, mango chutney and coriander 
  • CHICKEN SHITAKE "DONBURI" ….. Stir-fried chicken, shiitake mushrooms, tofu and green onions, served over rice and topped with a savoury egg broth 
  • BEEF STOVERIJ ** ..... Slowly-braised beef stewed in beer served with roasted potatoes, vegetables and poached pear
  • WILD BOAR SAUSAGE….. Wild boar sausage served over horseradish mash potatoes, picked red onions and sage 

As a MAIN €10,00 / Bakjes 1 kg €15

  • LASGNA BOLOGNESE ..... A homemade lasagna of bolognese served with a tossed salad  €6,50

Information and reservations

Please email us for more information and reservations.