Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get to Blaine’s B&B from the airport?
A: To get to Blaine’s B&B from the airport it is best to take a taxi. The ride costs between 30.00 to 32.50 for a ten-minute ride. Give the taxi driver the address (Rijnsburgstraat 24) and inform him that it is in Amsterdam near Hoofddorpplein. While you can take a train take a train to Central Station and then the tram ( or to Amsterdam Zuid and then a bus), an hour will be spent backtracking through the city. The App is a very good app to use when traveling through the Netherlands.

Q: How do I get to Blaine’s from Central Station?
A: To get to Blaine’s from Central Station it is best to take Tram 2 to Hoofddorpplein. From There it is about a 5-minute walk to the guest house.

Q: By car?
A: When arriving by car take Exit S107. Coming from the direction of Schiphol Airport this exit will be rather long before reaching the intersection of S107. Simply follow the signs marked S107 and once over the bridge take the second possible right and this will be Rijnsburgstraat. Coming from the direction of Utrecht, take Exit S107, turn right and again take the second possible right turn and this will be Rijnsburgstraat. There is a small parking lot in front of Blaine’s B&B with a parking meter, with parking costing approximately €40.00 per day Monday through Saturday.

Q: How far is Blaine’s B&B from the city center? And what is the best way to get there?
A: Blaine’s B&B is located in a residential neighborhood in the south of Amsterdam. It is not located in the center of Amsterdam as many other establishments. However, the newcomer to Amsterdam must note that Amsterdam is not a large city. Tram 2 is about a five-minute walk and the Museum Area is 6 stops away (approximately 8 minutes). Bike rental is another option for getting through The Vondel Park to the city center.

Q: When “shared bathroom” is mentioned… who is it shared with?
A: The Asian Room has a shared bathroom with me the owner. I understand the desire to have private facilitates, but one must be reminded that this is a house and not a hotel. I do my best to stay clear of the bathroom while guests are in the house. The Loft has its own private bathroom facilities.

Q: Is there shopping and restaurants in the area of Blaine’s?
A: As previously mentioned Blaine’s B&B is located in a neighborhood with shops that can be found in all residential areas such as Grocery Stores, Fruit Stands, Tobacco Shops, Health Food Stores, Clothing Stores, and Flower Stands. Almost all items can be purchased in the area for any last-minute needs. There are numerous restaurants and bars approximately 5 minutes walk. Blaine’s B&B also offers various dinners and will be glad to make you a home-cooked meal if you so desire during your stay here in Amsterdam.

Q: What is the voltage in Amsterdam?
A: The voltage used in Amsterdam is 220 volts. Converters can be used, however, Blaine does not claim any responsibility for any damage which may be caused by these converters. There is a hairdryer in every bathroom available, so save room in your luggage by not packing that necessity.

Q: Are children and pets welcome at Blaine’s B&B?
A: Children are welcome at Blaine’s. The Loft room is a bigger room and better for children (it is also connected to the roof terrace). Jessy (the dog) who resides at Blaine’s, prefers that pets are not be brought along as they can provide one all the comfort their own pet does.

Q: Why is a credit confirmation required? And what is the cancellation policy?
A: Most all accommodations require that a credit card guarantee must be made. This is also required at Blaine’s B&B. The cancellation policy is that no charge will be posted to the credit card if Blaine’s B&B is informed 10 business days prior to the reservation. Any notice less than that will result in the first night being charged to the account. If the guest does not show and has not informed Blaine’s B&B, the full amount of the stay will be charged to the account. We only accept Visa & Master Card.